November 2018  Mothers Offering Mutual Support (MOMS) Ottawa is among the parties approved to participate in the inquest into a “tragic and unnecessary” death. 

June 2018 – Governor General Presents Honors – a MOMS member, Farhat Rehman, receives the Meritorious Service Decoration, well deserved and MOMS is proud of Farhat. aspx?id=17114&lan=eng

May 2018 – MOMS Op-ed, a message for the next government of Ontario

April 2018 – Spratt: Why the new justice reform bill, C-75, is anything but just

March 2018 – Kingston Prison farms returning with new federal funding

February 2018 – The return of prison farms and tattoos: Why this new watchdog won’t slam the door on Canada’s inmates

January 2018 – Ottawa must revise criminal pardons

October 2017 – Ontario Jails Can’t Count Their Dead

July 2017 – Progress, but dark clouds still loom over OCDC

June 2017 – Ottawa jail fixes should be model for Ontario

May 2017 – New jail proposed for Ottawa – MOMS in the news

February 2017 – A suicide attempt at Ottawa Jail – MOMS in the news

February 2017 – Advocating for Health Care Improvements

February 2017 – Prisoner Miscarriage in Jail Raises Health Care Concerns

January 2017 – MOMS in news re: Improved Bail System

January 2017 – MOMS in news re: Improvements to OCDC

December 2016 – MOMS in the news re: ION Scanner

December 2016 – MOMS Representative on CBC (radio & news) regarding the ION Scanner Petition

December 2016 – Letter to the Editorial Board regarding suicide at OCDC

September 2016 – Community Advisory Board recommendations on OCDC too slow

June 2016 – OCDC Task Force – Report #1

May 2015  – MOMS Presentation at Forum

April 2015 – Plans for MOMS Forum announced